Delicious food

Tasteful drinks

Great ambiance

Our values

Lupita was founded on a concept that high-quality food, friendly service and genuine hospitality are the basis for creating a place where people enjoy having their meals.

Lupita in Berlin


We opened in 2015, in the very heart of the famous nightlife area of Berlin - Bergmannstraße in Kreuzberg. Lupita aims at replicating the spirit of its vibrant neighbourhood through providing genuine customer service with vitality, joy and humour.


We are open daily and serve you a variety of Mexican and Spanish food specialities, such as burritos, tacos, burgers and paella. Our barkeeper takes great joy in preparing all kinds of colourful drinks that you can enjoy with your food for as little as EUR 5.


During the hot Berlin summer, we invite you to sit outside, and immerse yourself in the day and night scenery of this vibrant hotspot for food, drinks and more.


Occasionally we offer special events with live music from the local musicians and mariachi bands. Our location can accommodate larger groups too, but make sure to reserve your tables before coming in.

Try our mouthwatering Burittos!


A soft flour tortilla, stuffed with Mexican rice, black beans, crème fraîche, meat of your choice (beef, pork or chicken), vegetables and tomato sauce, served with pico de gallo, salad and sour cream.


A lower calories, vegeterian option with grilled vegetables

is also available.




Irresistible crunch & loaded flavours: Nachos


Burrito or nachos? Why not both!


Our nachos are served in a delicious coating made of various herbs and melted cheese, topped with Jalapeños, salsa and sour cream.


The selection ranges from simple nachos with cheese or beans through nachos with tomatoes and onions, to a nacho-feast with minced beef or chicken cubes.

Burgers not only for meat-lovers


America's top comfort food can now be enjoyed at Lupita in a number of ways - as a zinger, chicken or classic beef burger. If you are vegetarian, you may choose between a veggie or feta burger.


All our burgers are served with cucumbers, onions, salad and potato wedges.

Enjoy an evening out with friends

To eliminate the stress of searching for free spots when you are out for drinks with a larger group of friends, just give us a call to reserve your tables.


The happier and jollier the crowd, the better! Let us take care of you special night out by serving you some of the best regional beers, liquors and fancy cocktails.



Lupita, Bergmannstr. 11

10961 Berlin

Tel : +49 30 88715888

E-mail: Lupita-Berlin@hotmail.com